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The world of women’s rights must go on forever.


#Unstoppaball is an initiative by Woman Leader to keep the ball for equality, integration and Human Rights rolling after the World Cup.


A ball made with the hair of women who can show it in public, to denounce the repression suffered by many others who live in countries where it is punished to do it. A ball with which no one would have wanted to play this championship and with which it really could not have been played. Get this ball rolling!



WOMAN LEADER is an international organization aimed at promoting female empowerment to help women achieve their personal and professional goals.


Our initiatives seek to promote gender equality, education, training and professional development for women. Enhance their personal individuality so that they surround themselves with positive inspiration and achieve their life aspirations. In addition, WOMAN LEADER participates in social co-responsibility projects in which girls are helped to break any gender gap through an inclusive and justice education.